Press release - 203(2005)



Publicity of justice, media freedom and protection of individuals top agenda at Council of Europe Judges Conference

Strasbourg, 19.04.2005 - The second Council of Europe conference of European Judges will be held on 25 and 26 April at Krakow (Collegium Novum, Jagellonne University) on the theme “Justice and the media”.

The conference is organised jointly as part of the Polish chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers (on a proposal by the Consultative Council of European Judges - CCJE) and the Polish National Council of Justice, with the assistance of the Polish Justice Ministry. It will bring together around one hundred judges from all over Europe and from observer states and is also open to everyone with a professional interest in the subject, especially journalists.

The conference is intended to help strengthen the principles of rule of law and enhance protection of human rights by identifying ways in which judges and the media can work together to make society more aware of legal issues.

Part of the framework global action plan for judges in Europe, adopted by the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers in 2001, the conference will launch discussions by the CCJE on independence, impartiality and judges’ competence, and the relationships between justice and society. The CCJE is the consultative body of the Committee of Ministers for these issues.

General rapporteur Sir Jonathan Mance, will present an outline of work and conclusions on Tuesday 26 April at 4 pm.

A press conference will be held at the end of the conference on Tuesday 26 April at 5 pm.

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