Ministers' Deputies

Notes on the Agenda


6 March 1998


No. 98/182

Reference documents
- CM(98)4

(B level, 17 March 1998)





The Deputies are invited to authorise the Secretary General to implement the new staff appraisal system as presented in CM(98)4 for a trial period of three years.


1. The Secretariat recalls that the staff appraisal system currently in force was adopted in 1981 (See Appendix III to the Staff regulations) but had fallen into desuetude. A decision of the Administrative Tribunal in 1995 obliged the Secretary General to put it back into operation, solely in the case of staff members seeking transfer or promotion.

2. Aware of the unsatisfactory nature of this situation, and the advantages for effective staff management of an appraisal system of quality, the administration, in consultation with the staff and the various departments of the Secretariat and with the participation of outside consultants, has prepared the procedure presented in document CM(98)4, which has already been subject to testing in three departments.

3. On a recommendation by the Bureau of the Deputies, these proposals were examined by the Rapporteur Group on Administrative and Budgetary Questions at its meeting on 29 January and 5 February 1998. After discussion, the Rapporteur Group recommended that the proposals contained in document CM(98)4 should be submitted to the Deputies with a recommendation that they be adopted.






The Deputies

1. authorised the Secretary General to issue a Rule introducing a staff appraisal scheme as outlined in document CM(98)4 for an initial period not exceeding three years as from the date of the present decision. During this period, and until such time as new Regulations were adopted, the provisions of the said Rule would replace the Regulations on the Assessment of Staff after Confirmation in Post (Appendix III to the Staff Regulations);

2. agreed to resume consideration of the matter at the end of the initial period of operation of the appraisal scheme, and invited the Secretary General to submit to them, on that occasion, proposals for regulations taking account of the experience gained in the meantime.



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