15th Congress plenary session – 27-29 May 2008

Importance of democracy is best known at its roots, says Swedish Minister Mats Odell

[28/05/2008 17:00:00] ''Whilst the partnership between the Committee of Ministers has already proven to be a strong one, we must however be vigilant in nurturing that partnership and persist in efforts to enhance the dynamics between the two bodies,” said Mats Odell, Swedish Minister for Local Government and Financial Markets in his address to the Plenary Session of the Congress, on 28 May. Minister Odell pointed out that ''democracy, human rights and the rule of law were at the core of the Council of Europe, and of the Swedish Chairmanship” and expressed his confidence in more speedy progress in these areas ''through enhanced interaction between the Committee of Ministers and the Congress, constructive dialogue and common efforts.''


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