15th Congress plenary session – 27-29 May 2008

Alan Meale: ''Parliamentarian or local representatives: our aim is respect for citizens’ rights''

[27/05/2008] ''Whether we are representative of local government or parliamentarians, we are all bearers of the universal message that the goal of our efforts is for the citizens of Europe to live in a world of peace, tolerance and social justice,'' Alan Meale, Chairman of the Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly pointed out in his address to the Congress on behalf of the President of the Assembly, Lluis Maria De Puig.

“To meet the new challenges, we must develop our relations with all the European political players,” he said, adding that the Assembly sought to step up its co-operation with the Congress, above all in the field of regionalism and innovation and good governance at local level.


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