Media advisory - 135(2010)


Monitoring of local and regional democracy in France

Dates: from 29 November 2010 to 1 December 2010

Location: Paris, France

Description: The Council of Europe Congress of Local and Regional Authorities will carry out a general monitoring mission to assess the state of local and regional democracy in France. This will be the first visit to France after the country’s ratification of the European Charter of Local Self-Government in January 2007. The visit will conclude the first round of monitoring missions carried out by the Congress in all the 44 States which ratified the Charter.

Congress Rapporteurs Onno Van Veldhuizen (Netherlands, ILDG) and Guilherme Pinto (Portugal, SOC) will examine the follow-up of the commitments France took in the field of local and regional self-government, as well as the human rights implementation at regional and local level and the impact of the economic crisis on community policies.

In the French Parliament, the delegation will meet in particular Alain Delcamp, Secretary General of the Senate, Jean-Claude Frécon, President of the Congress’ Chamber of Local Authorities and Head of the French Delegation to the Congress, and Claude Belot, President of the Senate Delegation on Local and Regional Authorities and Decentralisation.

The Rapporteurs will hold meetings with Alain Rousset, President of the Association of French Regions (ARF), Claudy Lebreton, President of the Assembly of French Departments (ADF), and Daniel Delaveau, President of the Assembly of French Communities (ADCF).

Meetings are also scheduled with Olivier Landel, General Delegate of the Association of French Urban Communities (ACUF), Bruno Bourg-Broc, President of the Federation of Mayors of Medium-sized Towns (FMVM), and Vanik Berberian, President of the French Association of Rural Mayors (AMRF).

A second monitoring visit is scheduled to take place in 2011, following which a report will be submitted to the Congress’ Monitoring Committee.

Contact in Paris:

Dolores Rios Turón, Secretariat of the Congress, mobile: +33 6 75 55 46 71

Communication Division of the Congress
of Local and Regional Authorities
Tel: +33 (0)3 90 21 52 40
Fax:+33 (0)3 88 41 27 51