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Ad hoc Working Party on staff expenditure issues

GT-SA(2007)CB3 18 June 20071

Meeting of 14 June 2007


The Ad hoc Working Party on staff expenditure issues (GT-SA), chaired by Mr Jakob Dahl Thomsen, Deputy Permanent Representative of Denmark, examined the following items in the light of draft annotated agenda GT-SA(2007)4.

1. The Council of Europe's annual "salary ceiling", guidelines - Proposal by the Chair of the

(CM(2007)106 rev)

1.1. The group examined the Chair’s proposal for guidelines for drawing up the proposed "salary ceiling", based on discussions at the meeting of the GT-SA on 22 May 2007 and revised to take into account the written amendments received (cf. CM(2007)106 rev). Delegations thanked the Chair for having devised a clear framework for drawing up the proposal for the annual ceiling on total appropriations for salary/staff-related expenditure. They welcomed its flexible, non-automatic and evolutive approach to the issue and the increased transparency this tool would provide.

1.2. The group agreed to transmit the revised guidelines, as amended during the course of the discussion (cf CM(2007)106 rev2), to the GR-AB for subsequent approval by the Deputies without further debate. The Chair also invited the Secretariat to see how the fact that the guidelines were to be reviewed on a regular basis (cf paragraph 8 of the guidelines) could be highlighted in the draft decision to be submitted to the Deputies.

2. Any other business


3. Date of the next meeting


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