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Rapporteur Group on Programme, Budget and Administration

GR-PBA(2008)CB7 1 December 20081

Meeting of 25 November 2008


The Rapporteur Group on Programme, Budget and Administration (GR-PBA) met on 25 November 2008, with Ambassador Jan Devadder, Permanent Representative of Belgium, in the chair. The Group considered the following items in the light of the annotated agenda (documents GR-PBA(2008)17).

1. Draft Budgets for 2009

a. General Budget:
Ordinary Budget, Service Budgets, Budget of the European Youth Centres, Subsidiary Budget for Publications, Extraordinary Budget, Pensions, Budget of the European Youth Foundation (cont'd)
(CM(2008)162 corr and CM/Notes/1042/11.1 Part 1)

2. Co-ordinating Committee on Remuneration (CCR) - Annual adjustment of remuneration of the staff of the Co-ordinated Organisations at 1st January 2009 – 190th Report
(CM(2008)147 and CM(2008)147add, GR-PBA(2008)16, CM/Notes/1042/11.4)

1. The group finalised its examination of these two items, in the light of document CM(2008)162 corr “Adjustments to the 2009 Draft Budgets” and GR-PBA(2008)16 “Opinion on the legal value of the CCR's recommendations concerning salary adjustments”, prepared in response to the group’s discussion on 6 November 2008 (cf. GR-PBA(2008)CB6). The Chair drew the group’s attention to DD(2008)654 from the President of the Assembly concerning the question of efficiency gains to be applied to the Assembly’s budget and to DD(2008)652 from the staff committee. Summing up the discussions, in which the Secretary General confirmed that the latest adjustments as regards efficiency gains put all the major administrative entities on an equal footing, the Chair noted that the group could approve the budget on that basis. He also noted that the funding provided with regard to the Action Plan would be frozen pending appropriate decisions by the Committee of Ministers.

2. The group examined the draft decisions as set out in the Notes on the Agenda for the Deputies’ 1042nd (Budget) meeting, in the light of amendments proposed by several delegations (cf. DD(2008)657, DD(2008)658, DD(2008)659, DD(2008)660, DD(2008)661 and DD(2008)662). Revised decisions were distributed and agreed by the group. As regards the question of transformation of positions into posts for the Court (cf. draft decision 8bis), the Chair informed the group that he would report to the Deputies the strong hesitations expressed by some delegations but that a clear majority was in favour of the decision as proposed by the Secretary General. As regards the question of creation of posts/transformation of positions into posts for the European Pharmacopoeia, he noted that the situation was less clear cut, but a slight majority supported the decision as proposed by the Secretary General (cf. CM/Notes/1042/11.1 Part 5, decision A4); he would report as such to the Deputies2.

3. Other business

4. Date of the next meeting

Thursday, 11 December 2008 at 10 a.m.

Note 1 This document has been classified restricted at the date of issue; it will be declassified in accordance with Resolution Res(2001)6 on access to Council of Europe documents.
Note 2 cf. decisions adopted on 25 November 2008: CM/Del/Dec(2008)1042/11.1 and CM/Del/Dec(2008)1042/11.4.



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