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Rapporteur Group for Democratic Stability

GR-EDS(2005)22 14 October 20051

Notes on the agenda
Meeting on 26 October 2005 at 10 pm


1. Examination of the draft Programme of Activities for 2006 in the area of competence of the Group

    (CM(2005)133 Volume II, CM(2005)97, CM(2005)142 and addendum 1, DD(2005)574,
    CM-SUIVI3(2005)5, CM/INF(2005)12, GR-EDS(2005)23)

1. At their 935th meeting (13 July 2005 – item 1.6), the Deputies invited the Rapporteur on the Programme of Activities, in consultation with the competent Rapporteur Groups, to examine the draft Programme of Activities for 2006 with a view to adopting final decisions concerning the Programme at their 947th (Budget) meeting (22-24 November 2005).

2. A number of reference documents are relevant for the discussions on the draft Programme of Activities:

CM(2005)133 Volume II - draft Programme of Activities for 2006
CM(2005)97 - Priorities for 2006 – Budgetary implications
CM(2005)142 and addendum 1 – Written comments by delegations and responses from the Secretary General
DD(2005)574 – Comments from Germany on the Budget proposals made in CM(2005)97
CM-SUIVI3(2005)5 – Road map for the implementation of the Action Plan
CM/INF(2005)12 – Progress review report on the Programme of Activities for 2004

3. The draft Programme of Activities for 2006 – document CM(2005)133 Volume II – has been prepared in accordance with the Secretary General’s proposals for Priorities for 2006 (contained in document CM(2005)97). These were based on the Third Summit Action Plan and Declaration. When presenting his proposals, the Secretary General informed the Committee of Ministers that close scrutiny of Programme activities had allowed him to identity a certain number of activities of lesser priority and others which were coming to an end and consequently to reallocate resources to the priorities defined in the Action Plan. In this connection, it is also worth noting that the Secretary General has distributed a working paper for reflection on “Establishing criteria for projects” (CM(2005)146) aimed at guiding decisions about the inclusion or continuation of projects in future programmes of activities; the working paper will be discussed later in the context of implementing Chapter V of the Action Plan.

4. As already indicated in the Priorities document, not all Action Plan priorities can be met within existing resources, which need to be augmented by additional resources, notably through voluntary contributions. This concerns the following projects (see document CM-SUIVI3(2005)1):

- guaranteeing and promoting freedom of expression and information;
- intercultural programmes and exchanges at secondary level;
- Europe-wide youth campaign to promote diversity, inclusion and participation in society
- elaboration of principles and guidelines to ensure respect for human rights in the information society.

The Secretary General will issue in due course an addendum to the 2006 Programme of Activities on Projects requiring funding.

5. Specific points raised by delegations in response to the Secretary General’s Priorities document and his responses are set out in documents CM(2005)142 and addendum 1. Comments received subsequently from the German delegation have been distributed under the reference DD(2005)574.

6. The draft Programme has also been prepared bearing in mind the recommendations and evaluations contained in the Progress Review Report on the Programme of Activities for 2004 (document CM/INF(2005)12).

7. It is also recalled that certain aspects of the implementation of the Action Plan (see document CM-SUIVI3(2005)5) are currently the specific responsibility of the CM-SUIVI3 and it is not the intention to duplicate discussions on those aspects in this forum. The future decisions on their financial implications would have to be considered in the light of discussions within the CM-SUIVI3. In particular, this concerns the following:

- Group of Wise Persons
- Forum on the Future of Democracy
- Centre of Expertise on Local Government Reform
- the appointment of the task force to combat violence against women;
- the action programme on violence against children and the establishment of an internal Secretariat task force;
- the appointment of a co-ordinator for intercultural dialogue;
- the appointment of the high-level task force to review the Council of Europe’s strategy for promoting social cohesion;
- implementation of Chapter V of the Action Plan.

8. In the light of the above, the Group is invited to examine the relevant parts of the draft Programme of Activities for 2006 with a view to advising the Rapporteur on the Programme of Activities on the content of the draft programme in its domain of competence.

9. For convenience, the list of the projects of the draft programme for 2006 to be examined by the Group appears in document GR-EDS(2005)23.

2 Armenia: State of implementation of the action plan to support the awareness-raising campaign for the constitutional referendum
(DGAP/Inf(2005)8 rev. 2)

10. At its last meeting (10 October 2005, cf. document GR-EDS(2005)CB11), the GR-EDS held a first exchange of views on the aforementioned action plan on the basis of information provided by the Secretariat and the Armenian delegation. In this context, the Group was informed that the constitutional referendum would take place on 27 November 2005.

11. In the light of the updated information contained in document DGAP/Inf(2005)8 rev.2 and of additional oral indications that the Secretariat and the Armenian delegation might provide, the GR-EDS will be invited to hold another exchange of views on the implementation of the action plan.

3. Russian Federation:

    a. Co-operation with the Council of Europe: State of play concerning the Programme of co-operation activities in the Chechen Republic


12. As a first step in the review of the cooperation activities with the Russian Federation, the GR-EDS is invited to consider the state of implementation of the 2005 programme of co-operation activities in the Chechen Republic, on the basis of the information contained in document SG/Inf(2005)18 and of any additional indications which the Secretariat or the Russian delegation might provide.

    b. Draft reply to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1710 (2005) on the honouring of obligations and commitments by the Russian Federation

13. The Parliamentary Assembly adopted Recommendation 1710 (2005) on 22 June 2005. At their 934th meeting (6-7 July 2005), the Deputies decided to bring it to their governments’ attention and invited the GR-EDS to prepare a draft reply for adoption at one of their forthcoming meetings. Further to that decision, the Group is invited to consider the elements for a reply which the Secretariat has prepared (GR-EDS(2005)21) so as to prepare a draft reply and forward it to the Ministers’ Deputies for adoption.

4. Other business

None at present.

5. Date of the next meeting

The Chair suggests holding the next GR-EDS meeting on Thursday 10 November 2005 at 10 am.

Note 1 This document has been classified restricted at the date of issue. Unless the Committee of Ministers decides otherwise, it will be declassified according to the rules set up in Resolution Res(2001)6 on access to Council of Europe documents.



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