Ministers' Deputies / Rapporteur Groups
    Rapporteur Group on Administrative and Budgetary Questions

    GR-AB(2004)23 14 October 2004

    Draft annotated agenda
    Meeting of 19 October 2004


1. Exchange of views with the Budget Committee1

    1.1. The Budget Committee will be present in Strasbourg on 18 – 21 October 2004. On that occasion, it will be examining the draft ordinary budget, pensions' budget, extraordinary budget, the budget of the European Youth Foundation and of the Youth Centres. It has already examined the draft budgets of the partial agreements at its September session and its meeting report has been distributed in document CM(2004)172. The Chair proposes to take this opportunity to hold an exchange of views with the Budget Committee on questions and issues of interest to the GR-AB, in particular the 2005 budgets.

2. Human Resources Policy – Reform of appointment procedures

    (CM(2004)173 and addendum)

    2.1. The reform of appointment procedures was initially presented to this Group in June 2004 as part of more far reaching proposals for the reform of appointment procedures and a new contractual policy (see document CM(2004)72). In the light of the reservations expressed by the Staff Committee about the new contractual policy, the Secretary General has decided to separate the two issues and proceed with the proposed reform of appointment procedures and come back at a future date to the proposals for a new contractual policy after due reflection and a new round of consultation with the Staff Committee.

    2.2. The proposed measures and objectives for the reform of appointment procedures are set out in document CM(2004)173, together with the revised (draft) text of the relevant part of the Staff Regulations (Appendix II to the Staff Regulations (Regulations on Appointments)) necessary for the implementation of the proposed reform. To facilitate the examination of this item by the GR-AB, an addendum to document CM(2004)173 has also been distributed which highlights the proposed amendments to the current text of the staff regulations

    2.3. It is recalled that the main objectives of the reform are to simplify and rationalise the appointment procedures and to place them on a more professional footing whilst maintaining standards of transparency. These will be achieved by merging the various appointment boards into a single body, reducing the number of permanent members, streamlining administrative procedures, and enhancing selection methods.

    2.4. The GR-AB is invited to examine the proposed measures with a view to recommending to the Deputies the adoption of the draft Resolution as set out in document CM(2004)173.

3. Revision of Resolution(76)4 on consultants and new resolution on outsourcing contracts to external service providers

    (CM(2004)105 revised 2 and Resolution(76)4)

    3.1. Following the discussion of this item at the last meeting of the GR-AB, the Secretariat has further revised the draft resolutions to take into account the comments made by delegations and the written contribution from the Russian Delegation distributed at that meeting. No other written contributions have since been received. The changes made to the prior version of the draft texts are explained in the introduction to document CM(2004)105 revised 2. The relevant provisions of the Financial Regulations are also reproduced (as a footnote) in that document.

    4. Revision of the 2004 Budget of the European Pharmacopoeia

    4.1. The Secretary General requests an increase in appropriations of € 473 300 in the 2004 budget of the European Pharmacopoeia for the reasons set out in document CM(2004)176. The increase will be entirely financed from the sales of reference substances, which are higher than the initial 2004 budget estimate.

    4.2 The Budget Committee examined these proposals at its September 2004 meeting and recommended their approval (see paragraph 52 of the meeting report of the Budget Committee in document CM(2004)172).

    4.3. The GR-AB is invited to examine this item with a view to recommending to the Committee of Ministers the adoption of the draft resolution amending the 2004 of the European Pharmacopoeia as set out in the appendix to document CM(2004)176.

    5. Any other business


    6. Date of the next meeting

    Tuesday, 9 November 2004 (10 a.m. and 3 p.m.)

Note 1 The Chair proposed at the last meeting to continue discussion of the ceiling for the 2005 Ordinary budget under this item.



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