on terrorist acts

    (Adopted by the Committee of Ministers
    on 8 September 1986,  
    at the 399th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies)

    Terrorism : strong reaction from Council of Europe

    Committee of Ministers’ Chairman, Italian Foreign Minister Giulio ANREOTTI, Parliamentary Assembly President Louis JUNG and Secretary General Marcelino OREJA have condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist acts of the last few days which, in the case of Turkey, affect yet again one of the Council’s member States. They denounce the escalation of these barbaric acts which strike down innocent victims, and reassert that terrorism must be condemned unreservedly. Since terrorism aims at destabilising democracies by attacking the life and liberty of citizens it must be met with firmness and increased co-operation among democratic countries. The forthcoming should mark a decisive step for the co-ordination of efforts and policies among the democratic community of the 21 member countries of the Council of Europe.


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