Press release - DC146(2013)

Public consultation on the future of the European Court of Human Rights

Strasbourg, 19.11.2013 – The Council of Europe has launched a public consultation on the longer-term future of Europe’s human rights system, based on the European Convention on Human Rights and the European court in Strasbourg.

Individuals and organisations are invited to send contributions on any aspect of the convention system, such as:

· Future challenges to the convention and the court

· The role of the court in helping to protect and interpret individual rights

· Possible reforms to help cut the backlog of cases at the court

· The procedure for implementing court judgments and the role of national authorities

· Payment of compensation to applicants

Initial contributions should be submitted via the Council of Europe website by 12 noon CET on Monday 27 January 2014. Selected contributors may be invited to take part in further discussions.

A group including national experts nominated by Council of Europe member governments will review the information gathered. A report will subsequently be submitted to the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers by 15 April 2015.

This process is a direct result of the 2012 Brighton Conference on the future of the European Court of Human Rights.

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