Press release - DC093(2012)

Council of Europe: publication of the 4th CEPEJ evaluation report on European judicial systems

Strasbourg, 20.09.2012 – The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) publishes today its 4th evaluation report on European judicial systems, within the framework of the Conference of Ministers of Justice in presence of the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Ministers of Justice, Secretaries for justice as well as eminent judicial and political persons from the 47 member states of the Organisation.

This report presents quantitative and qualitative data from 46 member states (*), therefore, providing the Council of Europe with a detailed picture of the daily operation of courts in Europe. This report is unique regarding the number of subects treated and countries concerned. This new edition presents a refined, complete and updated analysis of the functioning of the justice systems in Europe

Thanks to the quality of data collected and processed through a methodology whose efficiency is now recognised, the report enables policy-makers, the judicial community and researchers to make reliable analyses on the basis of meaningful comparisons of the development of judicial systems.

The report contains comparative tables and relevant comments in essential fields such as public expenditure devoted to the judicial system (inclusive during the period of economic and financial crises), the legal aid system, mediation, organisation of jurisdictions and the court network, judicial staff and the gender issue, case-flow management in courts, the use of new technologies in judicial procedures (e-justice and e-court) and length of procedures.

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(*) Only Liechtenstein out of the 47 member states has not been able to participate in the present report.

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