Resolution CM/ResDip(2010)13
on the renewal of the European Diploma of Protected Areas
awarded to the Doñana National Park (Spain)

(Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 16 September 2010
at the 1091st meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies)

The Committee of Ministers, under the terms of Article 15.a of the Statute of the Council of Europe,

Having regard to Resolution Res(65)6 instituting the European Diploma for certain protected landscapes, reserves and natural features, as amended by Resolution CM/ResDip(2008)1 on the revised regulations for the European Diploma of Protected Areas;

Having regard to Resolution Res(95)13 on the award of the European Diploma to the Doñana National Park (Spain);

Taking into consideration both the discussions held between the Secretariat and the site manager and the advice of the Group of Specialists of the European Diploma of Protected Areas;

Having regard to the proposals of the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention,

Renews the European Diploma of Protected Areas awarded to the Doñana National Park (Spain) until 21 September 2020;

Attaches the following two conditions to the renewal:

1. the Spanish authorities should continue to take all necessary measures to ensure that the Port of Sevilla development projects have no significant environmental impact on the Doñana ecosystems. Any decision should be conditioned by the results of a complementary study to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report;

2. the Andalusian Government, responsible for the management of the national park and also for water management, should ensure the high quality of water entering the national park and eliminate the illegal extraction of groundwater; in accordance with the Water Framework Directive, it should monitor the status of the aquifer underlying the national park and surrounding lands, the extent of groundwater extraction and the water quality;

Attaches the following seven recommendations to the renewal:

1. all efforts should be made to restore the good ecological state of the river at the level of its catchment (river basin or water basin), within the meaning of the Water Framework Directive; all appropriate measures should be taken in order to make water use and other activities, especially agricultural activities, in this catchment (basin) compatible with this aim;

2. a specific emergency plan for the Doñana National Park should be prepared and a map of natural risks should be drawn up;

3. the implementation of the action plans for the conservation of the flagship species, in particular the Iberian lynx and the Imperial eagle, should be actively pursued; new action plans for other threatened species should be drawn up if needed;

4. concerning the Port of Sevilla development projects, the Spanish authorities should avail itself of the best international scientific expertise and also take account of the relevant international conventions, such as the Ramsar Convention, the World Heritage Convention and the Bern Convention, and work closely with the relevant international bodies, including the European Union and the European Environment Agency;

5. the updating of the management plan should be started in 2011;

6. the extension of the Doñana 2005 Project to riparian vegetation, correcting erosion problems or extending its scope to adjacent areas of agricultural marsh, should be undertaken;

7. the possibility of developing co-operation with other European Diploma sites which are deltas, such as the Camargue National Reserve (France) or the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Romania), should be explored.



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