Resolution CM/ResDip(2008)14
on the renewal of the European Diploma of Protected Areas
awarded to the Store Mosse National Park (Sweden)

(Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 2 July 2008
at the 1031st meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies)

The Committee of Ministers, under the terms of Article 15.a of the Statute of the Council of Europe,

Having regard to Resolution (65) 6 instituting the European Diploma, as amended by Resolution CM/ResDip(2008)1 on the revised regulations for the European Diploma of Protected Areas;

Having regard to Resolution (88) 11 awarding the European Diploma to the Store Mosse National Park (Sweden);

Taking into consideration the different reports sent to the secretariat by the managers of the diploma-holding area;

Having regard to the proposals of the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention;

Renews the European Diploma of Protected Areas to the Store Mosse National Park until 13 June 2018;

Attaches the following recommendations to the renewal:

1. pursue the hydrological survey of the national park and complete the management plan on the basis of the results obtained;

2. study the impact and causes of the changing inflow of water to Lakes Häradsösjön and Kävsjön, and see if it has any influence on birdlife;

3. monitor the situation of bark beetles (Ips typographus) in the spruce forest surrounding the national park, using the same methods as in other protected areas. If necessary, consider further action to be undertaken with landowners around the European Diploma/national park area;

4. promote scientific research in the park more actively, for example by repeating the bird count done in 1972 or investigating the increased density of pine (Pinus sylvestris) in some areas;

5. pursue the work on extending the protected area, with the aim of covering the entire hydrological system that affects the park.



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