Resolution CM/ResDip(2008)12
on the renewal of the European Diploma of Protected Areas
awarded to the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve (United Kingdom)

(Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 2 July 2008
at the 1031st meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies)

The Committee of Ministers, under the terms of Article 15.a of the Statute of the Council of Europe,

Having regard to Resolution (65) 6 instituting the European Diploma, as amended by Resolution CM/ResDip(2008)1 on the revised regulations for the European Diploma of Protected Areas;

Having regard to Resolution (83) 7 awarding the European Diploma to the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve (United Kingdom);

Taking into consideration the different reports sent to the secretariat by the managers of the diploma-holding area;

Having regard to the proposals of the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention;

Renews the European Diploma of Protected Areas to the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve until 25 May 2018;

Attaches the following recommendations to the renewal:

1. set up and implement the new-style reserve plan and organise the required prior public consultation;

2. continue to maintain the native tree/shrub gene bank, as well as the tree nursery, to guarantee the genetic origins of trees planted in the reserve;

3. following the results of the fieldwork for site condition monitoring of upland features of interest, adapt the current deer management to limit trampling impacts from deer on dry heaths;

4. monitor the evolution of the American mink (Mustela vison) population and its propagation within the area;

5. continue to limit the development of recreational facilities in the core area of the reserve and maintain the existing facilities to the present standard; if possible, investigate ways to improve the standards of visitor facilities;

6. improve car park facilities for hill-walkers in Glen Torridon;

7. continue to integrate and implement safety measures in management of the area, particularly checking visitor facilities for hazards and revising the reserve’s fire plan.



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