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CM/Notes/963/4.6 28 April 20061

963 Meeting, 3 May 2006
4 Human Rights

4.6 Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights –

Exchange of views

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To hold an initial exchange of views with Mr Thomas Hammarberg, the incoming Commissioner.

1. It is recalled that the second Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr Thomas Hammarberg, took up his function on 3 April 2006; the Deputies are invited to hold an initial exchange of views with the Commissioner at the outset of his term of office.

2. It is further recalled that, at the 959bis meeting (29 March 2006) many delegations underlined the importance of the considerations raised by the outgoing commissioner, Mr Álvaro Gil-Robles, in his final report (document CommDH(2006)17) and urged that the Deputies should debate these considerations as a matter of priority. Such a debate is scheduled to take place at their 965th meeting (24 May 2006).

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