Ministers' Deputies
    Notes on the Agenda

    CM/Notes/904/2.1b 8 November 2004

    904 Meeting, 17 November 2004
    2 Political questions

    2.1 Current political questions

    b. Belarus – Election results

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    To resume consideration of the item concerning Belarus, with a view to considering the draft decision set out below.

    The Deputies undertook a first examination of this item at their 902nd meeting (3 November 2004) and agreed on that occasion to resume consideration thereof at the present meeting.

    Financing assured: YES


    904th meeting – 17 November 2004

    Item 2.1

    Current political questions

    b. Belarus – Election results

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)902/2.1a, GR-EDS(2004)CB13)


    The Deputies, in view of the steady deterioration in the human rights situation and the contempt for the fundamental values and principles upheld by the Council of Europe, as reflected in the numerous irregularities observed on the occasion of the referendum and parliamentary elections in Belarus on 17 October 2004 as well as in the alarming measures taken against demonstrators after the vote, decided to suspend the invitation to Belarus to attend meetings of the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) as an observer.



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