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    CM/Notes/873/4.7 13 February 2004

    873 Meeting, 17-18 February 2004
    4 Human Rights

    4.7 The contribution of the Council of Europe towards the restoration of the rule of law, respect for human rights and democracy in Chechnya

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    Resume consideration of this item, taking into account the final report by the Secretary General under the mandate which expired on 4 January 2004 (Russian Federation: the Council of Europe's response to the situation in the Chechen Republic) giving an overview of the situation since June 2000 (SG/Inf(2004)3), as well as the subsequent removal of Mr Sultygov from the post of Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Ensuring Human and Civil Rights and Freedoms in the Chechen Republic.

    It is recalled that the Deputies, at their 869th meeting (21 January 2004, item 4.1) took note of the exchange of letters between the Secretary General and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, containing a mandate for cooperation activities in 2004 (document CM/Inf(2004)2). These letters refer to cooperation with Mr Sultygov's Office, whose removal was raised at the 1st part of the 2004 Session of the Parliamentary Assembly (26-30 January 2004), notably by the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers and the Secretary General.

    At their 872nd meeting (12 February 2004, item 1.1), the Deputies postponed this item (item 4.2) to their present meeting. Two documents referring to the item (see Appendices to these Notes) were distributed at the request of the delegation of the Russian Federation.

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