Ministers' Deputies
    Notes on the Agenda

    CM/Notes/873/10.2 17 February 2004

    873 Meeting, 17 and 18 February 2004
    10 Legal questions

    10.2 Terrorism: a threat to democracies -

    Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1644 (2004)

    Reference documents
    CM/Del/Dec(2004)872/3.1, Rec_1644(2004) and CM/AS(2004)Rec1644 prov.2



    To consider, with a view to its adoption, the draft reply to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1644 (2004) on “Terrorism: a threat to democracies”, contained in document CM/AS(2004)1644 prov.2.

    1. The Parliamentary Assembly adopted Recommendation 1644 (2004) on “Terrorism: a threat to democracies” on 29 January 2004. The Recommendation essentially recommends to the Committee of Ministers to “begin work without delay on the elaboration of a comprehensive convention on terrorism of the Council of Europe, based on the normative acquis of the United Nation's, Council of Europe's and European Union's legal instruments and other texts, and develop them further as much as it may be necessary”.

    2. The Secretariat prepared a draft reply to the Recommendation (document CM/AS(2004)Rec 1644prov.), which was placed on the agenda of the Ministers' Deputies' 872nd meeting (12 February 2004, item 3.1), in the context of the decisions to be taken in relation to the 1st Part of the Assembly's 2004 session.

    3. At the 872nd meeting, the Permanent Representative of Spain distributed the Madrid Declaration adopted by the first International Conference of Victims of Terrorism held in Madrid on 26-27 January 2004. The draft reply to the recommendation was modified to refer to this Declaration in the context of a reference made in the text to the situation of victims of terrorism (document CM/AS(2004)Rec 1644prov.2).

    4. At the request of one delegation the Deputies agreed to adjourn further consideration of this item to their 873rd meeting (17-18 February 2004).

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    873rd meeting – 17 and 18 February 2004

    Item 10.2

    “Terrorism: a threat to democracies” -
    Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1644 (2004)
    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)872/3.1, Rec_1644(2004) and CM/AS(2004)Rec1644 prov.2)


    The Deputies concerning Recommendation 1644 (2004):”Terrorism: a threat to democracies”

    1. decided to bring it to the attention of their governments;

    2. decided to communicate it to the Committee of Experts on Terrorism (CODEXTER) for information;

    3. adopted the reply to the Recommendation as it appears in Appendix … to the present volume of Decisions1 <see CM/AS(2004)Rec1644 prov.2>.

Note 1 See also CM/AS(2004)Rec1644 final.



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