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    CM/Notes/855/1.7 6 October 2003

    855 Meeting, 9 October 2003
    1 General questions

    1.7 Election of the Secretary General - Procedure

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    To fix the deadline for nomination of candidates for the election of the Secretary General (see appended draft decisions), in the light of the outcome of the Joint Committee held on 30 September 2003 and of the Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly.

    It is recalled that the action proposed is in line with the decision taken at the 851st meeting (9 September 2003, item 1.5). At the meeting of the Joint Committee, it was noted that the Assembly's preference would be expressed by its Bureau. No decision was reached in this matter at its meeting on 2 October. The next meeting being fixed for 6 November in Paris, the Deputies might wish to limit themselves, for the time being, to fixing the deadline for nominations of candidatures.

    Financing assured: YES


    855th meeting – 9 October 2003

    Item 1.7

    Election of the Secretary General - Procedure
    (CM/Del/Del(2003)851/1.5, AS/CM-Mix(2003)OJ2)


    The Deputies

    1. agreed to fix at 31 December 2003, the deadline for nominations of candidatures;

    2. decided to resume consideration of the other elements of the election procedure timetable at one of their forthcoming meetings.



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