CM/Notes/762/2.4 Addendum ... Monitoring Group (GT-SUIVI.AGO)

Ministers' Deputies
Notes on the Agenda

CM/Notes/762/2.4 Addendum (Restricted) 5 September 2001

762 Meeting, 5 September 2001
2 Political Questions

2.4 Monitoring Group (GT-SUIVI.AGO)

Progress Report
Proposals for supplementary decisions

Reference documents
CM(2001)115 revised


The Deputies are invited to examine, with a view to their adoption, the appended draft decisions, revised following the last meeting of the Monitoring Group, GT-SUIVI.AGO.






762nd meeting – 5 September 2001



Item 2.4


Monitoring Group (GT-SUIVI.AGO)

Progress Report

Proposals for supplementary decisions

(CM/Del/Dec(2001)761/2.6, CM(2001)115 revised)



Revised Draft Decisions prepared by the GT.SUIVI.AGO[1]


The Deputies


1.         expressed the wish that the authorities of Armenia and Azerbaijan, in consultation with the co-Chairs of the Minsk Group, consider the possible assistance of the Council of Europe through the Venice Commission to the Minsk Group with a view to working out the legal aspects involved in the settlement of the conflict between these two countries;


2.         authorised the Secretariat to appoint “Human Rights and Rule of Law Officers” to be located for an initial period (pending the possible establishment of Council of Europe Information Offices) in the OSCE Missions in Baku (Azerbaijan) and Yerevan (Armenia) and noted that the deployment of these officers would be financed from existing resources in the 2001 Ordinary Budget.


[1] The GT.SUIVI.AGO Group met on 4 September 2001 and discussed the proposals for supplementary decisions to its report.  It proposed the amended draft decisions above.  Draft decision 1. met with the approval of the Representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan who attended the meeting.  Draft decision 2. was added to take account of the discussions both in the AGO Group and in GR-EDS.



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