Elections in Albania

Ministers' Deputies
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CM/Notes/731/2.3 revised (Restricted) 28 November 2000

731 Meeting, 29 November 2000
2 Political questions

2.3 Elections in Albania

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The Deputies are invited to resume consideration of this item in the light of the final report of the observer mission of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (document CG/CP(7)13 rev) and of the letter and two enclosures (appended to these Notes), addressed to the Chairman of the Deputies by the President of the CLRAE, Mr Llibert Cuatrecasas (with whom an exchange of views will also take place under item 12.1, of the present meeting's agenda).



The Chairman, summing up the discussion on this subject at the 726th meeting (18 October, item 2.1b) noted that the Deputies had taken note of the various statements on the recent elections in Albania (see CM/Del/Act(2000)726).


At their 728th meeting (30 October, item 2.4), the Deputies agreed to resume consideration of this question at their present meeting.




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