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CM/Notes/1039/2.1 21 October 20081

1039 Meeting, 22 October 2008
2 Democracy and political questions

2.1 The Council of Europe and the conflict in Georgia

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To resume consideration of this item.

At their last meeting, the Deputies held an initial exchange of views on draft Action Plan for the promotion of the Council of Europe values and standards in Georgia and the Russian Federation, prepared by the Chairmanship in document CM(2008)150.

At the close of the discussion, they agreed to resume consideration of this document at the present meeting and they invited the Secretary General to provide on the same occasion:

a) proposals for the implementation of part A of the Action Plan, together with their financial implications;

b) an overview of the state of implementation by Georgia and the Russian Federation of their commitments and obligations;

c) an overview of co-operation and assistance programmes with Georgia and the Russian Federation, as well as proposals for the future.

Note 1 This document has been classified restricted at the date of issue; it will be declassified in accordance with Resolution Res(2001)6 on access to Council of Europe documents.



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