Ministers’ Deputies
Orders of business

CM/Del/OT(2009)1058 revised 25 May 20091

1058 Meeting, 27 May 2009 (10am)

Draft Order of Business
Chairman’s proposals


General questions

1.1 Adoption of the Agenda

Items possibly to be dealt with without debate:

Education and culture

7.1 Steering Committee for Education (CDED)

a. Abridged report of the 8th plenary session (Strasbourg, 18-20 March 2009)

7.2 Steering Committee for Higher Education and Research (CDESR) –
Abridged Report of the 8th plenary session (Strasbourg, 5-6 March 2009)

General questions

1.3 Communication from the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General

1.4 Report of the Bureau

1.5 119th Session of the Committee of Ministers (Madrid, 12 May 2009) – Follow-up –
Statement by Turkey

Democracy and Political questions

2.1 The Council of Europe and the conflict in Georgia

2.1bis Current political questions

2.2 Situation in Cyprus

2.3 European Committee on local and regional democracy (CDLR)

a. Abridged report of the 43rd meeting (Strasbourg, 22-24 April 2009)

b. Draft additional protocol to the European Charter of Local Self-Government on the right to participate in the affairs of a local authority and its Explanatory Report

c. Draft protocol No. 3 to the European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Co-operation between Territorial Communities or Authorities concerning Euroregional Co-operation Groupings (ECGs) and its Explanatory Report

2.4 28th Quadripartite meeting between the Council of Europe and the European Union
(Madrid, 11 May 2009) – Follow-up

Parliamentary Assembly

3.1 Written Questions by members of the Parliamentary Assembly to the Committee of Ministers

a. Written Question No. 565 by Mr Lindblad: “The situation for a political prisoner in Azerbaijan”

Human rights

H46-1 Cases of unfair proceedings requiring reopening of domestic proceedings –
28490/95 Hulki Güneş, judgment of 19/06/03, final on 19/09/03
72000/01 Göçmen, judgment of 17/10/2006, final on 17/01/2007
46661/99 Söylemez, judgment of 21/09/2006, final on 21/12/2006

Youth and sport

8.1 European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ), Advisory Council on Youth (JCC), Joint Council on Youth (CMJ)

a. Abridged reports of the 42nd meeting of the CDEJ, of the 21st meeting of the JCC and of the 20th meeting of the Joint Council on Youth CMJ (Mollina (Spain), 23-25 March 2009)

b. Draft terms of reference of the Ad hoc Advisory Group on Child and Youth Participation

Legal questions

10.1 European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission)
(12 noon)
a. Hearing with the President

b. Annual report of activities for 2008

General questions

1.2 Preparation of forthcoming meetings

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