CM/Del/OT(2000)710...Draft order of business


Ministers' Deputies
Orders of Business

CM/Del/OT(2000)710 15 May 2000


710 Meeting, 18 (10am) May 2000

Draft order of business
Chairman's proposals



Thursday, 18 May 2000, 10 am

General questions
1.1 Adoption of the Agenda
1.3 Communication from the Secretary General
1.5 Committee of Ministers – Follow-up to the 106th Session (Strasbourg, 10-11 May 2000)
Human Rights
4.3 The contribution of the Council of Europe towards restoration of the rule of law, respect for human rights and democracy in Chechnya
Parliamentary Assembly
3.1 Conflict in the Chechen Republic – Implementation by Russia of Recommendation 1444(2000) – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1456(2000)
Political questions
2.1 Current political questions

a. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability

b. Other questions
2.2 Situation in Cyprus
Legal questions
10.1 European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ)

a. Abridged report of the 73rd meeting (Strasbourg, 4-7 April 2000)

b. Draft Recommendation No. R (2000) … of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the freedom of the exercise of the profession of lawyer


Political questions
2.3 Relations between the Council of Europe and the OSCE – Exchange of views with Mr J. Kubiš, Secretary General of the OSCE (at 12 noon)
Human Rights
4.1 Steering Committee for Equality between women and men (CDEG) – Draft Recommendation No. R(2000).. of the Committee of Ministers to member States on action against trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation
4.2 Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) – Extraordinary meeting (Strasbourg, 9-10 March 2000) concerning Draft Protocol No. 12 (non-discrimination) to the European Convention on Human Rights –Abridged report and Final activity report
Education, Culture and Sport
7.1 Football hooliganism – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1434 (1999)
Administrative questions
11.1 Rapporteur Group on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (GR-AB) – Priorities for 2001 – Budgetary implications
Any other business


General questions
1.4 Report of the Bureau
1.2 Preparation of forthcoming meetings




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