Ministers’ Deputies


CM/Del/OJ(2012)1134      14 February 20121

1134 Meeting, 15 (10 am) and 16 (10 am) February 2012

Draft Agenda

In application of the rules for the dispatch of reference documents and Notes on the Agenda, the deadlines are:
CM: 18 January 2012
Notes: 3 February 2012


General questions



Adoption of the agenda





Preparation of forthcoming meetings



Dialogue with the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General





Report of the Bureau





Exchange of views with Mrs Deborah Bergamini, Chair of the North-South Centre

(Item withdrawn)



Draft revised guidelines for the reform and modernisation of the Committee's working methods
(Item prepared by the GT-REF.INST on 12.1.2012 and by written procedure)


(CM(2011)96 prov7, DD(2012)164 and DD(2012)166)
(CM/Notes/1134/1.6 of 10.2.2012)



European Social Charter –
Preparation of items relating to the European Social Charter by a rapporteur group
(Item prepared by the GR-H)


(CM/Notes/1134/1.7 of 27.1.2012)


Democracy and political questions



The Council of Europe and the conflict in Georgia


(CM(2008)150 rev, CM(2008)162, SG/Inf(2008)19, DD(2008)631, SG/Inf(2009)5, SG/Inf(2009)7, CM(2009)PV prov, CM(2009)PV add1, CM(2009)PV add2, SG/Inf(2009)10, SG/Inf(2009)5 add, SG/Inf(2009)9, CM/AS(2009)Quest572, DD(2009)447, SG/Inf(2009)15 final, SG/Inf(2009)5 add2, Parliamentary Assembly REC_1846 (2008) and CM/AS(2009)Rec1846 final, Parliamentary Assembly REC_1857 (2009) and CM/AS(2009)Rec1857 final, CM(2009)164, Parliamentary Assembly REC_1869 (2009) and CM/AS(2010)Rec1869 final, DD(2010)71, DD(2010)95, SG/Inf(2010)7, SG/Inf(2010)8, DD(2010)238, CM/Del/Dec(2010)1090/2.1, SG/Inf(2010)19, DD(2010)559, SG/Inf(2011)8 and SG/Inf(2011)24)



Current political questions


a. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability
(Item prepared by the GR-DEM on 2.2.2012)


. Republic of Moldova


(GR-DEM(2012)CB2 and DGII/Inf(2012)1)
(CM/Notes/1134/2.1bis of 9.2.2012)


b. Other questions


- Statement by the Representative of the European Union



Situation in Cyprus



17th session of the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Local and Regional Government (Kyiv, 3-4 November 2011) – Report by the Secretary General


(Item postponed)





Assemblée parlementaire



1st part of the 2012 Session (Strasbourg, 23-27 January 2012) – Texts adopted


(2012 Session (Provisional Compendium of texts adopted))
(CM/Notes/1134/3.1 of 3.2.2012)



Written Questions by members of the Parliamentary Assembly to the Committee of Ministers


a. Written Question No. 611 by Mrs Taktakishvili: “Elections in the Russian Federation”


(CM/Notes/1134/3.2a of 2.2.2012)


b. Written Question No. 612 by Mr Gabashvili: “Council of Europe and commitments by Russia”


(CM/Notes/1134/3.2b of 2.2.2012)



Human rights



United Nations –
Exchange of views (human rights questions) with experts from capitals (16 February 2012)


(CM/Del/Dec(2012)1131/4.2, SecCM/OUT(2012)7, CM/Inf(2012)5 and CM/Inf(2012)6)
(CM/Notes/1134/4.1 of 3.2.2012)


European Social Charter – Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter


a. Abridged report concerning Conclusions XIX-3 (2010) of the European Social Charter


b. Abridged report concerning Conclusions 2010 of the European Social Charter (revised)


(Item prepared by the GR-H on 7.2.2012)


(CM(2012)11 and CM(2012)12)
(CM/Notes/1134/4.2 of 8.2.2012)



“More women in economic and social decision-making bodies” –
Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1977 (2011)
(Item prepared by the TC-ET and the GR-H on 7.2.2012)


(Parliamentary Assembly REC_1977 (2011) and CM/AS(2012)Rec1977 prov)
(CM/Notes/1134/4.3 of 8.2.2012)



European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) –
Abridged report of the 56th plenary meeting (Strasbourg, 6-9 December 2011)


(CM(2012)2, CM(2012)2 add1, CM(2012)2 add2, CM(2012)2 add3, CM(2012)2 add4,
CM(2012)2 add5, CM(2012)2 add5corr, CM(2012)2 add6, CM(2012)2 add7, CM(2012)2 add8 and CM(2012)2 add9)
(CM/Notes/1134/4.4 of 3.2.2012)



Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities –
Election of an expert to the list of experts eligible to serve on the Advisory Committee –
Candidates in respect of Latvia
(Item prepared by the GR-H on 7.2.2012)


(CM/Notes/1134/4.5 of 8.2.2012)



“Strengthening torture prevention mechanisms in Europe” –
Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1968 (2011)
(Item prepared by the GR-H on 7.2.2012)


(Parliamentary Assembly REC_1968 (2011) and CM/AS(2012)Rec1968 prov3)
(CM/Notes/1134/4.6 of 8.2.2012)






Steering Committee on Media and New Communication Services (CDMC)


a. Abridged report of the 15th meeting (Strasbourg, 29 November – 2 December 2011)


b. European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG)




c. Draft Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on Public Service Media Governance


(CM(2012)14 rev)


d. Draft Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)… of the Committee of Ministers to member States on public service media governance


(CM(2012)15 rev)


(Item prepared by the GR-H on 7.2.2012)


(CM/Notes/1134/5.1 of 9.2.2012)


Youth and sport



Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ) – Composition for the period 2012-2013
(Item prepared by the GR-C on 31.1.2012)


(CM/Notes/1134/8.1 of 1.2.2012)



Legal questions



Draft Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child (2012-2015)
(Item prepared by the TC-ENF on 8.2.2012)


(CM(2011)171 prov4 and CM(2011)171 addprov4)
(CM/Notes/1134/10.1 of 13.2.2012)



Administration and logistics



Regulations for secondments to the Council of Europe – Draft Resolution
(Item prepared by the GR-PBA)


(CM(2011)120 corr5)
(CM/Notes/1134/11.1 of 10.2.2012)



Any other business

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