Ministers’ Deputies


CM/Del/OJ(2010)1074 13 January 20101


1074 Meeting, 12 (4-5pm) and 13 (10am) January 2010



In application of the rules for the dispatch of reference documents and Notes on the Agenda, the deadlines are:
CM: 16 December 2009
Notes: 22 December 2009

1. General questions

1.1 Adoption of the agenda


1.2 Preparation of forthcoming meetings

    (CM/Notes/1074/1.2 of 12.1.2010)

1.3 Dialogue with the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General


1.4 Report of the Bureau


1.5 Conferences of Specialised Ministers – State of preparation

    (CM/Notes/1074/1.5 of 18.12.2009)

1.6 Council of Europe 2010 Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue –
(Item prepared by the GR-C on 8.12.2009)

    (GR-C(2009)21 and GR-C(2009)CB8)
    (CM/Notes/1074/1.6 of 18.12.2009)

1.7 Rules and procedures for the future elections of the Secretary General –
Draft joint interpretative statement

      (CM/Del/Dec(2009)1073/1.6 and CM(2009)195 rev)
      (CM/Notes/1074/1.7 of 12.1.2010)

2. Democracy and political questions

2.1 The Council of Europe and the conflict in Georgia

      (SG/Inf(2009)15 final, SG/Inf(2009)5 add2 et CM(2009)164)

2.1bis Current political questions

a. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability
(Item prepared by the GR-DEM on 10.12.2009)

    (CM/Notes/1074/2.1bis of 16.12.2009)

b. Other questions

2.2 Situation in Cyprus

2.3 Monitoring Group (GT-SUIVI.AGO) – Report on a visit by a delegation of the Ago Group to Armenia and Azerbaijan (20-25 November 2009)


(Item postponed)

2.4 “Situation in Belarus” – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1874 (2009)
(Item prepared by the GR-DEM on 10.12.2009)

      (Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1874 (2009) and CM/AS(2009)Rec1874 prov3)
      (CM/Notes/1074/2.4 of 16.12.2009)

3. Parliamentary Assembly

3.1 Written Questions by members of the Parliamentary Assembly to the Committee of Ministers

a. Written Question No. 563 by Mr Omtzigt and others: “Expropriation of the lands of the Mor Gabriel Monastery in Tur Abdin, Turkey” and Written Question No. 570 by Ms Lundgren: “Rights of minorities in Turkey”

    (CM/Del/Dec(2009)1050/3.1, CM/Del/Dec(2009)1064/3.2a and CM/AS(2009)Quest563-570 prov)
    (CM/Notes/1074/3.1a of 15.12.2009)

b. Written Question No. 576 by Mrs Acketoft: “Detention of Mr Dhondup Wangchen in Tibet by the Chinese authorities”

      (CM/AS(2009)Quest576 prov)
      (CM/Notes/1074/3.1b of 18.12.2009)

c. Written Question No. 578 by Mr Lipiński: “Freedom of religion in Europe”

      (CM/Notes/1074/3.1c of 8.1.2010)

(Item postponed)

d. Written Question No. 577 by Mrs Acketoft: “Swiss ban on minarets”

      (CM/Notes/1074/3.1d of 11.1.2010)

(Item postponed)

3.2 Joint Committee (Strasbourg, 28 January 2010) – Preparation

      (CM/Notes/1074/3.2 of 18.12.2009)

3.3 Communication by the Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly on the 1st Part of the 2010 Session (Strasbourg, 25-29 January 2010) and other Assembly activities

4. Human rights

4.1 United Nations –
Preparation of the exchange of views (human rights questions) with experts from capitals –
Fixing of date and agenda

    (CM/Notes/1074/4.1 of 18.12.2009)

4.2 Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) –
Request for renewal of the terms of reference for the Committee of Experts on impunity (DH-I)
(Item prepared by the GR-H on 10.12.2009)

    (CM/Notes/1074/4.2 of 15.12.2009)

4.3 “The rights of today’s girls: the rights of tomorrow’s women” –
Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1872 (2009)
(Item prepared by the GR-H on 10.12.2009)

    (Parliamentary Assembly REC_1872 (2009) and CM/AS(2009)Rec1872 prov)
    (CM/Notes/1074/4.3 of 15.12.2009)

4.4 “Sexual violence against women in armed conflict” –
Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1873 (2009)
(Item prepared by the GR-H on 10.12.2009, in co-operation with the TC-ET)

    (Parliamentary Assembly REC_1873 (2009) and CM/AS(2009)Rec1873 prov)
    (CM/Notes/1074/4.4 of 15.12.2009)

4.5 Monitoring mechanisms: proposals by the Hungarian delegation

    (CM/Notes/1074/4.5 of 18.12.2009)

5. Media

5.1 Steering Committee on the Media and New Communication Services (CDMC)

a. Abridged report of the 11th meeting (Strasbourg, 20-23 October 2009)

b. Draft Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on measures to promote the respect of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and proposals to be considered together with the draft Declaration

(Item prepared by the GR-H on 10.12.2009)

    (CM/Notes/1074/5.1 of 18.12.2009)

7. Education and culture

7.1 “For the promotion of a culture of democracy and human rights through teacher education” – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1849 (2008)
(Item prepared by the GR-C on 8.12.2009)

    (Parliamentary Assembly REC_1849 (2008) and CM/AS(2009)Rec1849 prov2)
    (CM/Notes/1074/7.1 of 11.12.2009)

7.2 Steering Committee for Education (CDED) – Renewal of the terms of reference
(Item prepared by the GR-C on 8.12.2009)

    (CM/Notes/1074/7.2 of 10.12.2009)

7.3 European Cultural Convention (ETS No. 18) – Request by Kazakhstan to be invited to accede
(Item prepared by the GR-C on 8.12.2009)

    (CM/Notes/1074/7.3 of 10.12.2009)

8. Youth and sport

8.1 European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ), Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ), Joint Council on Youth (CMJ)

a. Abridged reports of the 43rd meeting of the CDEJ, of the 22nd meeting of the CCJ and of the 21st meeting of the CMJ (Budapest, 5-7 October 2009)

b. Message of the CMJ on the European Youth Campaign for diversity, human rights and participation “All different – All equal” (2006-2007)


c. Report of the CMJ on the implementation of Resolution CM/Res(2008)23 on the youth policy of the Council of Europe

    (CM(2009)169 add)

(Item prepared by the GR-C on 8.12.2009)

    (CM/Notes/1074/8.1 of 10.12.2009)

8.2 Forum on Human Rights Education (Budapest, 15-17 October 2009) – “Message to the Council of Europe”
(Item prepared by the GR-C on 8.12.2009)

    (CM/Notes/1074/8.2 of 15.12.2009)

9. Sustainable development

9.1 “Public water and sewer services for sustainable development” –
Recommendation 259 (2009) of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe
(Item prepared by the GR-C on 8.12.2009)

    (Congress REC_259 (2009) and CM/Cong(2009)Rec259 prov)
    (CM/Notes/1074/9.1 of 10.12.2009)

13. Any other business

1 This document has been classified restricted at the date of issue; it will be declassified in accordance with Resolution Res(2001)6 on access to Council of Europe documents.



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