Ministers' Deputies


    840 Meeting of the Ministers' Deputies
    Strasbourg, 28 May 2003 (10.00 am)





1. General questions



Adoption of the Agenda



Preparation of forthcoming meetings



Communication from the Secretary General



Report of the Bureau



Committee of Ministers – Follow-up to the 112th Session (Strasbourg, 14-15 May 2003)

(CM(2003)PV1 prov. and Addendum, CM/Inf(2003)19)
CM/Notes/840/1.5 of 20.5.2003)


2. Political questions



Current political questions

a. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability
. Moldova
. Belarus
. Georgia
. Regional Co-operation in the South Caucasus

(Item prepared by the GR-EDS on 6 May 2003)

(CM/Notes/840/2.1 of 16.5.2003)



b. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability
. Bosnia and Herzegovina
. Ukraine
. Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1588 (2003): Population displacement in South-Eastern Europe: trends, problems, solutions

(Item prepared by the GR-EDS on 23 May 2003)

(GR-EDS(2003)CB10 of 27.5.2003)
(CM/Notes/840/2.1b of 26.5.2003)

c. Other questions
. Statement by the Representative of Armenia
. Statement by the Representative of Moldova



Situation in Cyprus



Evaluation of the prospects of a political solution to the conflict in the Chechen Republic – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1593 (2003)

(REC_1593 (2003) and CM/AS(2003)Rec1593 prov., CM/Notes/840/4.1 and 4.4)
(CM/Notes/840/2.3 of 22.5.2003)



Priorities for 2004 – Budgetary implications

(CM/Del/Dec(2003)833/2.3 and 835/2.3, CM(2003)38 and GR-AB(2003)CB3)
(CM/Notes/840/2.4 of 26.5.2003)


4. Human Rights



The contribution of the Council of Europe towards the restoration of the rule of law, respect for human rights and democracy in Chechnya

(CM/Del/Dec(2003)833/4.2, SG/Inf(2003)23 and Addendum)
(CM/Notes/840/4.1 of 16.5.2003)



Domestic violence against women – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1582 (2002)
(Item prepared by the RAP-EG)

(CM/AS(2003)Rec1582 prov. and REC_1582 (2002))
(CM/Notes/840/4.2 of 14.5.2003)



5th European Ministerial Conference on Equality between Women and Men (Skopje, 22-23 January 2003) – Report by the Secretary General

(CM/Notes/840/4.3 of 14.5.2003)



The human rights situation in the Chechen Republic – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1600 (2003)

(CM/Del/Dec(2003)837/3.1 and 838/1.1, REC_1600 (2003), CM/AS(2003)Rec1600 prov.3, CM/Notes/840/2.3 and 4.1)
(CM/Notes/840/4.4 of 22.5.2003)


5. Media



Steering Committee on the Mass Media (CDMM)

a. Abridged report of the 58th meeting (Strasbourg, 26-29 November 2002)

b. Draft Recommendation Rec(2003)… of the Committee of Ministers to member states on measures to promote the democratic and social contribution of digital broadcasting

c. Draft Declaration on freedom of communication on the Internet

(CM(2003)67 revised of 20.5.2003)
(CM/Notes/840/5.1 of 16.5.2003)



6. Social cohesion



Social measures for children of war in south-eastern Europe – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1561 (2002)


(Item postponed)



The legal situation of Roma in Europe - Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1557 (2002)

(REC_1557 (2002) and CM/AS(2003)Rec 1557 prov.)
(CM/Notes/840/6.2 of 5.5.2003)


9. Sustainable development



Committee for the activities of the Council of Europe in the field of biological and landscape diversity (CO-DBP) - Abridged report of the 7th meeting (Geneva, 29 January 2003)

(CM/Notes/840/9.1 of 16.5.2003)


11. Administration and Logistics



Group Pompidou – Reallocation of the unspent balance of the special account entitled “Demand reduction staff training programme”


(Item postponed)


13. Any other business



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