Ministers' Deputies


    824 Meeting of the Ministers' Deputies
    Strasbourg, 15 January 2003 (10am)





1. General questions



Adoption of the Agenda



Preparation of forthcoming meetings

(CM/Notes/824/1.2 of 15.01.2003)



Communication from the Secretary General



Report of the Bureau



World Summit on the Information Society (Geneva, 10-12 December 2003) – Draft Political Message from the Committee of Ministers

(CM/Notes/824/1.5 of 20.12.2002)


2. Political questions



Current political questions

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Situation in Cyprus


3. Parliamentary Assembly



Communication by the Secretary General of the Assembly on the preparation of the 1st Part of 2003 Session and other Assembly activities



Written questions by members of the Parliamentary Assembly

- Written question No. 413 to the Chair of the Committee of Ministers by Mr Kevin McNamara “Reform of the procedures and membership of the European Court of Human Rights”

(CM(2002)170, CM/Del/Dec(2002)816/1.4, CM/Bur/Del(2002)28 and CM/AS(2003)Quest413 prov.)
(CM/Notes/824/3.2 of 6.1.2003)



4. Human Rights




United Nations – Preparation of the exchange of views (human rights questions) with experts from capitals – Fixing of date and Agenda

(CM/Notes/824/4.1 of 20.12.2002)



European Court of Human Rights – Presentation of candidatures for the election of a judge in respect of Sweden
(Item to be prepared by the GR-H)

(CM(2003)6 of 13.1.2003)
(CM/Notes/824/4.2 of 19.12.2002)


(Item postponed)



Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities – Outline for the State Reports to be submitted under the second monitoring cycle

(CM/Notes/824/4.3 of 20.12.2002)



Framework Convention on the Protection of National Minorities – Election of an expert to the list of experts eligible to serve on the Advisory Committee in respect of Finland
(Item prepared by the GR-H)

(CM/Notes/824/4.4 of 19.12.2002)



Framework Convention on the Protection of National Minorities – Draft Resolutions on the implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities by Armenia, Germany and Moldova

(CM/Notes/824/4.6 of 20.12.2002)


7. Education and Culture



Steering Committee for Cultural Heritage (CDPAT)

a. Abridged report of the 1st meeting (Strasbourg, 7-9 October 2002)

(CM(2002)189 and Addendum 3)

b. Interim report proposing changes to the ad hoc terms of reference N° CM/792/04072001 and the preparation of a draft framework convention on cultural heritage as a development resource

(CM(2002)189 Addendum 1)



c. Draft Recommendation Rec(2003)1 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on tourism to promote the cultural heritage as a factor for sustainable development

(CM(2002)189 Addendum 2)

(CM/Notes/824/7.1 of 2.1.2003)


8. Youth and sport



6th Conference of European Ministers responsible for Youth – Abridged report (Thessaloniki,
7-9 November 2002)

(CM/Notes/824/8.1 of 2.1.2003)



Advisory Council for Youth – Appointment of members for the period 2003-2005

(CM/Notes/824/8.2 of 19.12.2002)



Partial Agreement on the Youth Card

a. Replacement of Resolution (91) 20

(CM/Notes/824/8.3a of 20.12.2002)

b. Prolongation of the terms in office of five governmental members of the Board of Coordination

(CM/Notes/824/8.3b of 18.12.2002)


10. Legal questions



Additional Protocol to the Convention on cybercrime concerning the criminalisation of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systems - Opening for signature - “Tour de table


13. Any other business



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