1197th meeting – 16 April 2014

Item 1.6

Situation in Ukraine

(CM/Del/Dec(2014)1192/1.3, CM/Del/Dec(2014)1192bis/1.2, CM/Del/Dec(2014)1194/1.7, CM/Del/Dec(2014)1195/1.7, CM/Del/Dec(2014)1196/1.8, DD(2014)218, DD(2014)221, DD(2014)268, DD(2014)281, CM(2014)46 and DD(2014)508)


The Deputies,

Recalling their previous decisions, and in particular those adopted at their 1192bis (26 February 2014), 1194th (12-14 March 2014), 1195th (19-20 March 2014) and 1196th (2-3 April 2014) meetings,

Having taken note of Resolutions 1988 (2014) and 1990 (2014) of the Parliamentary Assembly,

1. welcomed the holding of the first meeting of the International Advisory Panel on investigations in Ukraine from 9 to 11 April 2014;

2. expressed their deep concern regarding the recent acts of violence and the occupation of administrative buildings in eastern Ukraine; reiterated in this context member States’ commitment to the respect for international law, for the United Nations’ Charter and for the Statute of the Council of Europe, and in particular to the peaceful settlement of disputes and the full respect of the territorial integrity, unity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine;

3. called on all parties to urgently take steps to reduce tensions and engage without delay in a dialogue in order to settle the situation in a peaceful and negotiated manner;

4. expressed their full support to the four-party Contact Group meeting which is to be held in Geneva on 17 April 2014 as well as any other efforts aiming at facilitating such dialogue;

5. underlined the importance of preparing the Presidential elections scheduled for 25 May 2014 in the framework of an inclusive and impartial process, and called on all Ukrainian political forces to participate in such a process so that the elections are held in a free and democratic manner and in a peaceful environment;

6. reiterated their support to the initiatives taken by the Ukrainian authorities to consolidate the functioning of democratic institutions, the protection of human rights and the rule of law, and welcomed the contacts which they have recently undertaken with the Council of Europe to this end; welcomed in this context the visit of the Venice Commission to Ukraine on 15 April 2014 in order to provide assistance for the reforms under way, in particular regarding the constitution.



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