1192nd meeting – 19-21 February 2014

Item 1.3

Dialogue with the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General
(SG/Com(2014)1191, CM/Del/Dec(2014)1191/1.3, DD(2014)218, DD(2014)221, DD(2014)229, SG/Com(2014)1192 and SG/Inf(2014)10)


The Deputies

1. took note of the communications of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General (SG/Com(2014)1191 and SG/Com(2014)1192) and the exchange of views under this item;

Regarding the situation in Ukraine

2. supported the Secretary General’s call of 18 February 2014 to put an immediate end to violence in Ukraine;

3. underlined the urgency of restoring a climate of confidence in Ukraine and of reestablishing political dialogue within the relevant institutions; consequently reiterated their call on all political forces in Ukraine to resolve the ongoing crisis with mutual consideration, through democratic and peaceful means and within the framework of the rule of law;

4. stressed that the investigations regarding the violent incidents which have taken place in Ukraine from 30 November 2013 onwards should be completed rapidly by the Ukrainian authorities through a transparent and impartial process;

5. urged the Ukrainian authorities to appoint their representative on the International Advisory Panel proposed by the Secretary General and to provide this Panel with all the necessary support so that it can without delay start its work, in accordance with its mandate, regarding the above-mentioned incidents;

6. expressed the continued readiness of the Council of Europe and its Venice Commission to provide at the request of the Ukrainian authorities all necessary assistance with a view to the revision of the Constitution and of the electoral law, in order to reach, through an inclusive process, a solution in line with Council of Europe standards and acceptable for all in Ukraine;

7. supported the preliminary conclusions of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights presented to the Committee of Ministers during the last meeting and encouraged the Ukrainian authorities to closely work with the Commissioner in the follow-up.



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