1167th meeting – 3 April 2013

Item 1.4

Report of the Bureau


The Deputies

1. approved the Bureau’s recommendation with regard to the agenda of their 1167th (3 April 2013) meeting, as it appears at Appendix 1 to the Bureau report;

2. agreed to bring forward their 1185th (Budget) meeting from 26-28 November 2013 to 19-21 November 2013 and to cancel their 1184th meeting scheduled on 20 November 2013;

3. having regard to the revised guidelines for the reform and modernisation of the Committee of Ministers’ working methods, approved the following mandate for the Thematic Co-ordinator on Information Policy (TC-INF):

    “The TC-INF is invited to:

    - follow issues relating to the information society and Internet governance within the Organisation, in particular the implementation of the Council of Europe Strategy 2012-2015 on Internet Governance;

    - promote relevant Council of Europe instruments and standards as well as co-operation with other international organisations and actors in matters related to the information society and Internet governance;

    - deal with any questions in the remit of information policy of the Council of Europe;

    - keep the Committee informed and facilitate its decision making on any matters falling within the above mandate, liaising with the relevant rapporteur groups when issues relating to this area are considered and interfacing with intergovernmental structures, in particular steering committees, as well as with the Secretariat.

    The mandate expires on 31 December 2015.”

4. approved the Bureau’s recommendation as regards use of the Committee of Ministers’ Foyer, as set out in item 3 of the Bureau report;

5. took note of the report of the meeting of the Bureau of 2 April 2013 (document CM/Bur/Del(2013)7) as a whole.



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