1142nd meeting – 9 May 2012

Item 1.7

Council of Europe 2012 Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue –

(GR-C(2012)6 and DD(2012)413)


The Deputies took note of the theme and sub-themes of the 2012 Exchange, namely:


“Taking responsibility for tomorrow’s Europe: the role of young people in the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue”

Sub-theme I:

“Raising young people’s awareness of common values and their transmission: the role of parents for education, interaction between the family and educators, intergenerational relations”

Sub-theme II:

“Solidarity and values: how solidarity and values are rooted in religions and non-religious convictions, what are the issues that can unite young people?”

Sub-theme III:

“Responsibility of young people for the promotion of understanding, respect and dialogue: risks and potential in the representation of religions and non-religious convictions, in particular in the new media”.


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