1141st meeting – 2 May 2012

Item 4.3

Abolition of the death penalty in all member States of the Council of Europe

(CM/Del/Dec(2001)769/4.4, CM/Del/Dec(2011)1124/4.1, CM/Del/Dec(2012)1140/4.1, DD(2012)396 and DD(2012)379)


The Deputies

1. reiterated their strong and urgent call on the Russian Federation, as the only member State which has not yet abolished the death penalty, to take without delay all the necessary steps to transform the existing moratorium on the death penalty into de jure abolition of the death penalty and to ratify Protocol No. 6;

2. took note of the information provided by the Russian Federation on measures taken to this effect;

3. welcomed the recent ratification of Protocol No. 13 by Latvia and encouraged those States which have not yet signed or ratified Protocol No. 13 to do so rapidly;

4. took note of the explanations provided by Poland and the Russian Federation regarding the signature and/or ratification of Protocol No. 13 and regretted that the other countries concerned had not yet responded to their invitation to provide further information on measures taken to this effect;

5. agreed to resume consideration of this issue at one of their forthcoming meetings, but no later than October 2012, in the light of additional information to be provided on Protocol No. 6 by the Russian Federation and on Protocol No. 13 by those countries which have not yet signed or ratified this Protocol, by mid-September 2012;

6. adopted the Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on the death penalty, as it appears at Appendix 3 to the present volume of Decisions.


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