1134th meeting – 15-16 February 2012

Item 4.4

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) –
Abridged report of the 56th plenary meeting (Strasbourg, 6-9 December 2011)

(CM(2012)2, CM(2012)2 add1, CM(2012)2 add2, CM(2012)2 add3, CM(2012)2 add4, CM(2012)2 add5, CM(2012)2 add6, CM(2012)2 add7, CM(2012)2 add8 and CM(2012)2 add9)


The Deputies

1. transmitted to the governments concerned ECRI’s country-by-country reports on Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Montenegro and Ukraine;

2. transmitted to the governments concerned ECRI’s conclusions on the implementation of the recommendations subject to interim follow-up it had addressed to Bulgaria, Hungary and Norway;

3. took note of the abridged report of ECRI’s 56th meeting as a whole, as it appears in document CM(2012)2.


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