1125th meeting – 9 November 2011

    Item 11.5

    Pension Reserve Fund – Actuarial study



The Deputies

1. took note of the actuarial study, as it appears in document CM(2011)108;

2. expressed concern at the proposed increase in member states’ contributions at a time when austerity measures are in place in many member states;

3. instructed the Secretariat, in consultation with the Joint Pensions Administrative Section (JPAS), to conduct studies with a view to making alternative proposals on pension schemes for the near future, taking into account the Budget Committee’s recommendations and member states’ suggestions, and to present proposals by 31 January 2012;

4. instructed the Secretariat to seek legal advice on the scope for amending existing pension schemes, taking account of relevant jurisprudence on the issue, including Judgment No. 2986 from the International Labour Organisation’s Administrative Tribunal, and to present a paper by 31 January 2012.


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