1111th meeting – 6-7 April 2011

Item 1.4

Report of the Bureau


The Deputies

1. noted that those interested in the position of Chair of the Rapporteur Group on External Relations (GR-EXT) should inform the Chair in writing, before Thursday 21 April 2011 (at 12 noon);

2. asked the Bureau to look into the procedure on the appointment of Chairs of Rapporteur Groups and to report back in due course;

3. approved the Bureau’s recommendations with regard to the agendas of their 1111th (6-7 April 2011) and 1112th (19 April 2011) meetings, as set out in the appendix to the Bureau report;

4. took note of the report of the meeting of the Bureau of 4 April 2011 (document CM/Bur/Del(2011)9) as a whole.


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