CASE No. 4

1108th meeting – 10 March 2011

- 4 cases against Turkey

28490/95 HULKI GUNES, judgment of 19/06/03, final on 19/09/03

72000/01 GOCMEN, judgment of 17/10/2006, final on 17/01/2007

46661/99 SOYLEMEZ, judgment of 21/09/2006, final on 21/12/2006

25060/02+ ERDAL ASLAN, judgment of 02/12/2008, final on 02/03/2009

Interim Resolutions ResDH(2005)113; CM/ResDH(2007)26; CM/ResDH(2007)150

DD(2005)148; DD(2005)494; CM/Inf/DH(2009)5


The Deputies,

1. recalled that at its 1100th meeting (November-December 2010) the Committee took note of “the willingness of the Turkish government to ensure the adoption of the necessary legislative changes for the execution of these judgments before the general elections of June 2011”;

2. regretted that it was still not possible for the Turkish authorities to give effect to this intention;

3. stressed once again the urgency and priority of the adoption of the measures necessary for the execution of these judgments;

4. reiterated their call on the Turkish authorities to bring the legislative process enabling the reopening of proceedings in the applicants’ cases to an end without further delay after the elections;

5. invited the Turkish authorities to keep them informed of developments regarding the adoption of the legislative amendments.



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