1107th meeting – 2 March 2011

Item 1.6

Dialogue on thematic issues: “The Council of Europe neighbourhood”

Chairperson’s statement

The recent political developments in the Southern Mediterranean and the Middle East reaffirm that the core values of the Council of Europe are universal. People everywhere yearn for democratic and transparent governance, respect for human rights and upholding the rule of law. The core mandate of the Council of Europe is and will remain geographically focused on Europe. But in today’s world, the mission of the Council of Europe can best be carried out with greater consideration to Europe’s immediate neighbourhood. Because, the situation near Europe has direct consequences for our continent.

With these considerations, the Council of Europe will seek to develop a consistent strategy for a neighbourhood policy, by identifying modalities, criteria and political objectives. In light of the means available to our Organisation, such a strategy needs to be focused, cooperative with Europe’s neighbours and also with relevant international partners.


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