1106th meeting – 16 February 2011

Item 1.6

Organisational development and reform

(CM(2011)2, SG/Inf(2011)2 rev, SG/Inf(2011)3 rev and SG/Inf(2011)4 rev)


The Deputies

1. having discussed the outline priorities for the future Programme of the Organisation, tasked the Secretary General to pursue preparations of the Programme and Budget for 2012-2013 on the basis of document SG/Inf(2011)4 rev, and taking into account the aspects highlighted by delegations in this regard;

2. agreed in principle to the policy orientations regarding the biennial Programme and Budget, as they appear in document SG/Inf(2011)3 rev, noting that the detailed modalities for the adoption of the Budget for the second year would be examined in the framework of the adoption of the revised Financial Regulations;

3. took note of the general approach proposed by the Secretary General with a view to the preparation of a comprehensive report on Council of Europe conventions (document SG/Inf(2011)2 rev), and of the tentative schedule for both the completion of this report and the adoption of the relevant decisions.


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