1090th meeting – 7 July 2010

Item 1.9

Status of Council of Europe Offices –
Draft Resolution


The Deputies

1. adopted Resolution CM/Res(2010)5 on the status of Council of Europe Offices, as it appears at Appendix 7 to the present volume of Decisions, with the exception of paragraph 1 of the appendix to the resolution;

2. agreed to resume consideration of paragraph 1 of the appendix to the resolution at their 1091st meeting (16 September 2010);

3. instructed the Secretary General to begin talks on Memoranda of Understanding with the relevant authorities, with a view to establishing Council of Europe offices in locations listed in his proposals on the reform of the Council of Europe external presence (document (SG/Inf(2010)13), and to report back to the Committee of Ministers by 31 October 2010.


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