1079th meeting – 10 March 2010

Item 1.6

High-level Conference on the future of the European Court of Human Rights
(Interlaken, 18-19 February 2010) – Action to be taken


The Deputies

1. agreed to steer the Interlaken process as a whole and decided to come back at their next meeting to the question of the format and timing within the Committee of Ministers for conducting this process;

2. adopted Decision No. CM/880/10032010 giving initial ad hoc terms of reference to the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) to consider the relevant parts of the Interlaken Declaration, as it appears at Appendix 2 to the present volume of Decisions;

3. agreed to complete the examination of the existing proposals of the CDDH for measures that do not require amendment to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) (document CM(2009)51 add final of 6 May 2009) as well as those appearing in the Interlaken Declaration with a view to possible decisions at the 120th Session of the Committee of Ministers (11 May 2010);

4. welcomed the Secretary General’s intention to present by 24 March 2010 a document on the modalities of implementation of the Interlaken Declaration as a whole as well as to concert with the various actors concerned (States Parties, European Court of Human Rights, Committee of Ministers (including Article 46 ECHR), Parliamentary Assembly, other Council of Europe bodies);

5. agreed to resume consideration of this item at their next meeting in the light of the Secretary General’s document.



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