1076th meeting – 3-4 February 2010

Item 2.3

16th Session of the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Local and Regional Government (16-17 November 2009, Utrecht, Netherlands) – Report by the Secretary General
(CM(2010)3, GR-DEM(2010)CB1)


The Deputies

1. agreed to consider at one of their forthcoming meetings the possibility to include an item on the agenda of the next ministerial session (May 2010) regarding the possible establishment of a partnership with the Ministers responsible for Local and Regional Government and to invite the Minister of Public Administration and Local Government of Finland, Ms Mari Kiviniemi, to attend the session and join in the consideration of this item;

2. took note with satisfaction that the Ministers responsible for Local and Regional Government entrusted the Minister of Territorial Policy of Spain, Mr Manuel Chaves, with ensuring the continuity of their work until the next session of the conference and instructed the European Committee on Local and Regional Democracy (CDLR) to assist him in performing this task;

3. noted that the Ministers have extended an invitation to the Congress to jointly undertake a review of the present situation of the functioning of co-operation between the Congress and the intergovernmental sector, and of all aspects of country monitoring, in the area of local self-government, and instructed the CDLR to assist the Ministers in this regard, as well as with the subsequent work under the Utrecht Declaration;

4. transmitted the Utrecht Declaration to the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe;

5. having regard to decisions 1 to 4 above, took note of the Utrecht Declaration as a whole.



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