1063rd meeting – 8-9 July 2009

Item 1.5

Priorities for 2010 – Budgetary implications –
Proposals by the Secretary General
(CM(2009)67, CM/Del/Dec(2009)1056/1.7, Resolution Res(2006)20, TC-INF(2009)CB1, GR-PBA(2009)CB3,
GR-PBA(2009)CB4, GR-PBA(2009)CB5, Parliamentary Assembly Opinion No. 272 (2009) and No. 273 (2009),

Congress Rec_267 (2009) and Rec_268 (2009))


The Deputies

1. agreed in principle to maintain the Council of Europe Information Offices until 31 December 2010, subject to finding the necessary funding;

2 invited the Secretariat to examine with the authorities of the member states concerned possible new arrangements for the operation of these offices, in particular through reduction of staff expenses at the charge of the Council of Europe and seeking alternative sources of the financing of activities, and to report back before 15 September 2009;

3. requested the Secretariat to present, before the end of 2009, a concept paper on the reform of the role and functioning of Information Offices;

4. welcomed the Secretary General’s document “Priorities for 2010 – Budgetary implications” (CM(2009)67), in the light of the above decisions and observations made by delegations;

5. invited the Secretary General to prepare the draft budget for 2010 on this basis, without prejudice to future decisions which might be taken in the course of the detailed examination of the budget.



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