1062nd meeting – 1 July 2009

Item 2.1

The Council of Europe and the conflict in Georgia
(CM(2008)150 rev, CM(2008)162, SG/Inf(2008)19, DD(2008)631, SG/Inf(2009)5, SG/Inf(2009)7, CM(2009)PV prov, CM(2009)PV add1, CM(2009)PV add2, SG/Inf(2009)10, SG/Inf(2009)5 add, SG/Inf(2009)9, CM/AS(2009)Rec1846 prov, DD(2009)371)


The Deputies agreed to resume consideration of this item at their 1063rd meeting (8 July 2009).


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