1060th meeting – 10 June 2009

Item 2.1

The Council of Europe and the conflict in Georgia
(CM(2008)150 rev, CM(2008)162, SG/Inf(2008)19, DD(2008)631, SG/Inf(2009)5, SG/Inf(2009)7, CM(2009)PV prov, CM(2009)PV add1, CM(2009)PV add2, SG/Inf(2009)10, DD(2009)323)


The Deputies

1. took note of the schedule submitted by the Secretary General in document SG/Inf(2009)10 concerning the presentation of the reports which he has been invited to prepare under this item;

2. agreed to unfreeze the appropriations frozen in the 2009 Ordinary Budget under budget heads I.2.1. Commissioner for Human Rights and V.3.1. Implementing Council of Europe standards for culture and cultural heritage and co-operation in priority regions for €226 900 and €93 000 respectively, and authorised the transfer of these amounts to a special account for the implementation of these activities.


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