Ministers’ Deputies

CM/Del/Dec(2009)1056 Addendum 2 June 20091

1056th meeting, 6-8 and 11 May 2009

Chairperson’s summing-up


Chairperson’s summing-up under the following item:

1.8 Election of the Secretary General

Item 1.8

Election of the Secretary General

Chairperson’s summing-up

The Chair of the Deputies drew attention to Resolution 1665 (2009) of the Parliamentary Assembly on “The election process for the Secretary General of the Council of Europe”, which invited the Committee of Ministers to review the draft resolution agreed at the 1055th meeting (22-23 April 2009), and formulated a number of proposals for the future.

Reference to the resolution had also been made during the formal consultation of the Assembly on the draft resolution within the Joint Committee of 29 April.

On instruction from the Chair of the Committee of Ministers, she had carried out consultations with delegations in order to ascertain whether there was any possibility to meet the expectations of the Assembly contained in paragraph 6 of its resolution. Today she was in a position to report that no such possibility had emerged.

After a discussion, the Chair noted that the majority of the Committee saw no reason to review the draft Committee of Ministers’ resolution approved at the 1055th meeting to be submitted to the Ministers in Madrid. In fact, that draft resolution had been agreed by a large majority in favour of the two candidates appearing in the draft, leaving no doubt as to where the Committee stood on the various proposed candidatures.

Furthermore, the draft resolution had been agreed in full respect of the applicable rules and in the exercise of the Committee’s prerogatives.

On the other hand, the Chair noted that the Committee welcomed the initiative of the Assembly to examine whether the Regulations from 1956 ought to be changed for the future, notably as far as gender balance is concerned, and was ready to participate in this effort in a spirit of co-operation and dialogue which respects the respective roles and prerogatives of each Organ.

On this occasion, modern methods of selection based on competencies could be included in the Regulations. In any event, any work in this respect should be put in hand rapidly.

1 This document has been classified restricted at the date of issue; it will be declassified in accordance with Resolution Res(2001)6 on access to Council of Europe documents.



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