1055th meeting – 22 and 23 April 2009

Item 1.9

Rationalisation of intergovernmental committees
(GT-REF.INST(2009)1 final)


The Deputies

1. took note of the report of the Chair of the GT-REF.INST and the summary of the findings of the pilot survey of intergovernmental steering and ad hoc committees, as they appear in document GT-REF.INST(2009)1 final;

2. invited the committees concerned and the Secretariat to examine the relevant summaries, conclusions and recommendations of the survey carried out, with a view to exploring measures to further improve the working methods and raise efficiency of the committees, and to take the pertinent recommendations into account, particularly when preparing terms of reference;

3. agreed that surveys and informal consultations would be carried out on steering and ad hoc committees in the year during which their terms of reference were due to expire, the results of which would be taken into account when renewing the terms of reference;

4. agreed to take into account the summary of the findings of the surveys when examining draft terms of reference and the draft Programme of Activities.


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