1055th meeting – 22 and 23 April 2009

Item 1.11

Election of the Secretary General
(Regulations relating to the appointment of the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General and Secretary General of the Assembly having the rank of Deputy Secretary General, CM(2008)167, CM(2008)186, CM(2009)39, CM(2009)41, CM(2009)26 rev, DD(2009)144, DD(2009)154, DD(2009)163, DD(2009)165, DD(2009)171, DD(2009)172 and DD(2009)172 add, DD(2009)174 and DD(2009)174 add, DD(2009)187, DD(2009)190, DD(2009)191)


The Deputies

1. agreed on the draft Resolution CM/Res(2009)… on the appointment of the Secretary General, as it appears at Appendix 2 to the present volume of Decisions;

2. agreed to forward it to the 119th Session of the Committee of Ministers (Madrid, 12 May 2009) for adoption and transmission to the Parliamentary Assembly.


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