1048th meeting – 11-12 February 2009

Item 2.1

The Council of Europe and the conflict in Georgia
(CM(2008)150 rev, CM(2008)162, SG/Inf(2008)19, DD(2008)631, CM/Inf(2009)3, DD(2009)48)


The Deputies

1. invited the Secretary General to report on a regular basis on the human rights situation in the areas affected by the conflict, in close co-operation with the Commissioner for Human Rights, and using all available sources of information, so as to provide the Committee of Ministers with a basis for an assessment of the situation and possible decisions on action;

2. requested the Secretary General to provide as soon as possible:

- an update of the report which he had submitted in document SG/Inf(2008)19 on the initiatives carried out, under way or planned within the Council of Europe to address the consequences of the conflict between Georgia and the Russian Federation, including information on the findings of the various monitoring mechanisms of the Council of Europe;

- an overview of activities of the European Court of Human Rights, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe related to the conflict.


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